HANDLE® Level 1 Introductory Course

During this Introductory Course you will gain a new understanding of developmental differences such as: dyslexia, ADHD, autism, Tourettes, dyspraxia, brain injury, cerebral palsy, behavioural issues and learn some simple and practical ways that can help you make the difficult things more easy. 

This course introduces the work of Judith Bluestone, the originator of the HANDLE approach, who discovered a unique and compelling view of learning and learning difficulties which she preferred to call 'learning differences'. 

Summary of main course content:

  • How to discover the root causes of challenging behaviours and learning difficulties.

  • How health and learning is interdependent on many systems and factors- internal and external.

  • Understanding sensory issues and environmental aggravators- such as lighting, clothing, or social interaction.

  • Profound understanding that eases tension & creates respect for differences.

  • Why honouring and relating to the client is vital.

  • The importance of nutrition and an optimal internal environment.

  • How to reduce stress for health and optimal performance.

  • How developmental history (from before conception) influences current behaviour.

  • How attentional priorities (such as the need for safety, security, and comfort) dramatically influence our daily lives.

  • Learn 5 HANDLE Activities- rhythmic organised activities that help create organised and efficient neurological systems.

  • Learn how each activity can be adapted to suit an individual's needs.

  • See video examples of HANDLE in action.

The course is taught by Sean Williams, Europe's only Level 4 HANDLE Instructor, Assistant Regional Education Director for The HANDLE Institute® and HANDLE Practitioner since 2001. 

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Thank you for the work you’re doing, it’s very important to remember these simple tools to help take stress and anxiety out of the classroom.
— Teacher, participant on Level 1 Course
Please pass on to Sean how fantastic I thought it was, it really answers so many questions and has helped me understand more and more of the layers of the wonderful children I work with. It was a really great informal atmosphere, with everyone so friendly and open, and I received so much useful information, both from Sean and from sharing stories with the others who attended.
— Helly, Play facilitator

This course is recommended by and to: parents, teachers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, paediatricians, osteopaths, support workers, carers, physiotherapists, mental health workers, social workers, play facilitators, foster parents, educators, developmental therapists and anyone who wants to learn about enhancing potential.

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