HANDLE® Level 2 Basics Course

Have you ever struggled to understand why something that should be simple is difficult for some people, something that we take for granted like sleeping, talking or reading? 

Do you want a more complete understanding of developmental differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, Tourettes, dyspraxia, brain injury, cerebral palsy? 

This 12-hour course explores the roots of a wide range of challenges and behaviours. You will begin to be able to interpret the real reasons for behaviours for yourself, and understand causes of learning difficulties, inefficiency or stress. You will learn ways to support learning, reduce stress, and enhance potential. 

This course will forever change your strategies in approaching learning, social and behavioural challenges.

Summary of main course content:

  • Understanding the HANDLE principles and their application in more depth.

  • Discovering root causes of challenging behaviours and learning difficulties.

  • Creating a new understanding of the senses and our motor functions.

  • Learning to notice signs of stress and what to do.

  • Interpreting and understanding learning, social and behavioural challenges in a new light.

  • Exploring the neurodevelopmental systems - the building blocks of learning and achievement.

  • Discovering the elements of learning – such as how writing can be affected by hypersensitivity to touch or speech by the organisation of the nerves in and around the mouth.

  • How to positively enhance learning without overwhelm.

  • Explore how neurodevelopmental systems develop and affect and support each other.

  • How our quality of life and abilities are affected by internal and external environment.

  • How nutrition and good health enhance our abilities.

  • Basic structure and processing of the brain relating to HANDLE.

  • How stress affects learning and quality of life.

  • Develop and refine the 5 Introductory HANDLE Activities.

  • Learn 6 further HANDLE Activities.

  • Explore a wider range of varieties and applications for each of the activities.

  • See video examples of HANDLE in action.

  • Explore trouble shooting – ways to adapt activities to specific situations.

The course is taught by Sean Williams, Europe's only Level 4 HANDLE Instructor, Assistant Regional Education Director for The HANDLE Institute® and HANDLE Practitioner since 2001. 

Once you have done the course, you also gain access to Sean’s free follow up webinars for all course participants, to explore ideas and Activities in more depth and keep connected.

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It was amazing from start to finish, it really took concepts I am familiar with much further and was so practical, yet so ingenious. How rewarding to have some knowledge about working at causal levels of sensory needs, in such a practical way. I found learning about the neuro and biological functioning of the mind and body absolutely fascinating too. It was a really nice group and we all had alot of fun. Sean is great, brilliant teacher. Thank you.
— Sarah - therapist and support person for people with profound learning differences

This course is recommended by and to: parents, teachers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, paediatricians, osteopaths, support workers, carers, physiotherapists, mental health workers, social workers, play facilitators, foster parents, educators, developmental therapists and anyone who wants to learn about enhancing potential.

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