LATEST NEWS! Transformational Movement Lessons in Brighton on Thursdays through July

At Brighton Learning House we work with children, teenagers and adults of all ages to help them achieve whatever they want to do. This can be anything from walking and talking to making friends, staying attentive or reducing stress. Our aim is to help learning be easier, more efficient and above all enjoyable.

We work across Sussex, the UK and Europe and are all providers of the award winning HANDLE® approach that has helped thousands of people worldwide to improve their quality of life. We are excited to also offer both Feldenkrais and NeuroMovement (the Anat Baniel Method®).

We work with people who are on the autistic spectrum, have learning difficulties, sensory processing issues or speech and language conditions, want to improve their organisation, memory or social interactions, have symptoms of dyslexia, AD(H)D, dyspraxia, Tourette syndrome, stress or anxiety, have cerebral palsy or mobility difficulties, or have had a traumatic brain injury.

This list is not comprehensive and you don't need to have a diagnosis to work with us! We look beyond labels at what is happening for each individual.

Just fantastic- a complete and utter eye opener
— Annie Montague, Parent
Thank you for the opportunity to change my son’s life.
— Level 1 and 2 Course Participant

Activity programmes

All programmes are uniquely tailored to the individual. We provide HANDLE Assessments, HANDLE Screenings and bespoke packages.


HANDLE Courses

We provide all 4 Levels of HANDLE training from a one day Introductory course or weekend Introductory and Basics, to professional certification courses enabling you to become a HANDLE Screener and HANDLE Practitioner.