Q: Is HANDLE® a therapy?

A: Although often referred to as HANDLE therapy, at Brighton Learning House we think of HANDLE as an educational approach. The word therapy can imply that something is 'wrong', whereas we believe that learning is a life long process and that there are things we can do to enhance learning for anyone. We consider the whole picture and recognise that our clients' strengths and achievements can sometimes be because of their challenges, as well as despite them. We also believe the term therapy places the Practitioner in the active role and the recipient in a more passive role in fixing things. We see our work as a collaboration, where there is learning on both sides.

Q: Should I come to a course or do an Activity Programme? 

A: Both our courses and our programmes can stand alone.

Many parents and professionals notice significant changes in themselves, their children or the people they are working with after attending an Introductory day or weekend course, without ever doing further work with us. Others use the courses to find out more about HANDLE prior to beginning an individual programme. 

Likewise it is possible to begin an activity programme without having attended one of our courses, though we highly recommend that all of our clients and/or their families/carers attend our Level 1 and 2 courses if possible. In our experience this substantially deepens understanding of the HANDLE paradigm and the activities, and allows more time for development in the individual sessions because the underlying concepts are already familiar.

We offer special client rates on our Level 1 and 2 courses as we notice such valuable benefits from doing both together.

We are always happy to talk through your individual situation. Contact us to send a query or arrange a free 30 minute call.   

Q: Can I do a programme with Brighton Learning House at the same time as other therapies? 

A: Our programmes are versatile and can generally be carried out alongside other therapies. Some of the other approaches our clients use include osteopathy, nutritional therapy, speech and language therapy, Rapid Prompting Method, RDI, DIR/Floortime, ABA or the Son-Rise Program. 

However we are cautious not to overload sensitive systems so would always recommend discussing the compatibility of any specific therapies you are undertaking during your free 30 minute initial call. 

Q: How much time do I need to do a programme? 

A: An activity programme usually takes around 20-40 minutes per day. This could be done all at once or spread throughout the day, depending on the individual programme. 

We generally offer 6 month packs of appointments. Some clients find that 6 months is enough for them, though on average most clients continue their programmes for at least a year. 

After the initial Assessment or Screening appointments, sessions usually take place every 6 weeks and usually last around 1.5-2 hours. Reviews can take place online if frequent traveling is problematic. Clients more local to Brighton may find that shorter more frequent sessions are best for them. 

Q: How much does it cost? 

A: We generally offer Starter Packs (Assessment, Screening or consultation) followed by 6 month packs of Review appointments. Our Starter bundles of appointments generally take place in person. Reviews can take place either in person or online, and the packs include any additional phone or email support that is needed in between. 

We tailor packs to the needs of the client and are happy to talk through price options during a free 30 minute initial call. In Brighton, Starter Screening packs with Sean start from £420, Starter Assessment packs range from £720-£780 and a simple Starter Pack costs £210. Review packs are typically £660-£960 for six months, which includes all in-person, phone and online contact during that time.

Starter Screening packs with Sarah or Una start from £180, and Screening Review packs start at £330 for six months. 

The Bridget Memorial Fund may be available to help certain adults with the cost of an Assessment or Screening. Contact us for more information.

For course prices please see information for individual courses. For Level 1 and 2 courses in the UK early booking rates, group discounts and some concessions based on financial need are usually available. Please contact us to find out more.