HANDLE® Level 1 and 2 Combined

Have you ever struggled to understand why something that should be simple is difficult for some people, something that we take for granted like sleeping, talking or reading?

Do you want a more complete understanding of developmental differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, Tourettes, dyspraxia, brain injury, cerebral palsy?

This course will forever change your strategies in approaching learning, social and behavioural challenges. The 17 hour course explores the roots of a wide range of challenges and behaviours. You will begin to be able to interpret the real reasons for behaviours for yourself, and understand causes of learning difficulties, inefficiency or stress. You will learn ways to support learning, reduce stress, and enhance potential.

Level 1 and 2 Combined courses begin with a 3 hour evening session followed by two full days. Usually run over a weekend, they are a great option for those who don't have enough time to take the Level 1 and 2 over three full days.

Summary of main course content:

  • Understanding the HANDLE principles and their application.

  • Discovering root causes of challenging behaviours and learning difficulties.

  • Creating a new understanding of the senses and our motor functions.

  • Learning to notice signs of stress and what to do.

  • Interpreting and understanding learning, social and behavioural challenges in a new light.

  • Exploring the neurodevelopmental systems - the building blocks of learning and achievement.

  • Discovering the elements of learning – such as how writing can be affected by hypersensitivity to touch or speech by the organisation of the nerves in and around the mouth.

  • How to positively enhance learning without overwhelm.

  • Explore how neurodevelopmental systems develop, affect and support each other.

  • How our quality of life and abilities are affected by internal and external environment.

  • How nutrition and good health enhance our abilities.

  • Basic structure and processing of the brain relating to HANDLE.

  • How stress affects learning and quality of life.

  • Learn 11 HANDLE Activities for enhancing learning and human potential:

  • Explore a wide range of varieties and applications for each of the activities.

  • See video examples of HANDLE in action.

  • Explore trouble shooting – ways to adapt activities to specific situations.

The course is taught by Sean Williams, Europe's only Level 4 HANDLE Instructor, Assistant Regional Education Director for The HANDLE Institute® and HANDLE Practitioner since 2001. 

Once you have done the course, you also gain access to Sean’s regular, free follow up webinars for all course participants, to explore ideas and Activities in more depth and keep connected.

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Thank you, I certainly understand myself and my children better! Very inspiring on many levels.
— Beth, parent
Fascinating content- quite life changing! Non-judgemental, highly respectful absolutely different way of looking at practically everything… Thank you Sean for your brilliant work- and in such a relaxed and friendly environment.
— Katherine Robinson, parent
This is a refreshing approach that goes to the core of our humanity and its complexity in an accessible way, without drugging or shutting down or judging the children. Thank you for a very comprehensive course.
— Sylvie Hetu, International Trainer with International Association of Infant Massage, Co-founder Massage In Schools programme, writer, education lecturer and consultant.
Thank you for this course. I feel like I can understand my daughter and her challenges better and was given tools to try and help her
— Parent participant
This course is a revelation at multiple levels. It has fostered a deeper understanding of the under-lying structure of problems faced by our son. It was delivered in such a relaxed mode, making it easy to understand and relate to despite actually being pretty technical. I am glad we made the decision to take this course. I believe it has already changed my outlook, attitude and understanding of what I am dealing with and I am looking forward to actually doing the HANDLE program with my son.
— Mother of 4 year old boy
Really fascinating, holistic/systemic approach, really appealing and makes so much sense.
— Sally Jones, Early years practitioner/SENCO and parent
The best thing about this course was the wonderful convergence of people, knowledge, experience, passion and intention. I felt as though this course was triggering dormant understanding of myself that I had allowed to fade. I feel a buzz of possibility. THANK YOU!
— Rich M.
I recommend HANDLE to parents and professionals working with children. With the help of this course I learned that I can get a different outlook. Easily the best training that I have ever attended.
— Professional participant

For a more in depth written Review of the course see our guest blog by a parent participant here.

“…I learnt that the way I perceive the world is just so different to the way my daughter perceives the world, so that’s really brought to light why we have so many conflicts doing her homework together. And now through doing these games and playful activities I can help her, I can eliminate conflict, I can help her to study better and to have peace and calm and lots of laughter at home. So I would recommend anyone and everyone to come as soon as possible and do the HANDLE Course….”

“…I’ve learnt techniques, very simple things I can do in class that might help (the students) to calm down or might help them to integrate the different side of the brain, might help them to get a bit more energised if they need to. And one of the surprising things for me, is how actually these exercises on myself have allowed myself to move from a more stressed state to a much calmer state- which I was needing to do- which will enhance my work as a teacher…“

“…I originally came to the course to support my work… and it’s definitely going to be helpful for that but I also realise how helpful it’s going to be for my children- my boys, my grandmother who is elderly and losing her memory, and also myself. I often struggle to find words and remember things and organise my life. I think everyone should do this course whether you’re a parent, teacher, carer… a human being basically!…”

“…It’s been fantastic, a really good mix of practical activities and lots of theory firmly based in neuroscience…”

This course is recommended by and to: parents, teachers, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, paediatricians, osteopaths, support workers, carers, physiotherapists, mental health workers, social workers, play facilitators, foster parents, educators, developmental therapists and anyone who wants to learn about enhancing potential.

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