HANDLE® level 4 Practitioner Course

This is a comprehensive course designed to develop the knowledge and skills to provide the full range of HANDLE services to individuals of all ages and with any challenges. Students build substantially on the foundations of their Level 3 Screener training to be able to address people’s needs more profoundly and with a much larger ‘tool bag’. They also develop the expertise to work with people over longer periods of time.

The course is a combination of 4 classroom modules, distance learning and supervised clinical experience. The HANDLE Internship begins after the classroom modules and involves working with a range of clients while being supervised, continuing to develop Assessment skills and knowledge and experience of the HANDLE Activities, and consolidating knowledge through an Interactive Learning Tool in dialogue with a HANDLE Instructor. After successful completion of the whole course Interns are eligible for Certification through The HANDLE Institute® as a HANDLE Practitioner.

The course is taught by Sean Williams, Europe's only Level 4 HANDLE Instructor, Assistant Regional Education Director for The HANDLE Institute® and HANDLE Practitioner since 2001. Sean is renowned for his insight and extensive knowledge alongside his engaging, supportive and highly adaptable teaching style.

Next Practitioner Course:

The current Brighton Practitioner Course is now in the Internship phase.

There are no plans to run a Practitioner Course until after the next Screener Course. See handle.org for news of other Level 4 courses around the world.