It sounds simple but the effects are life-transforming.

Perhaps you (or your child) are highly sensitive to light and sound and want to be able to go shopping without it feeling impossible?

You’re a parent who wants to take the battle out of getting your child to school? Or you have a child who wants to get through a lesson without being told to ‘sit still’ one more time?

Do you want to get a job or find a relationship without feeling overwhelmed all the time?

Perhaps you’d like to be able to walk to the local park without feeling constant pain?

The possibilities are endless. So is the potential for change…

At Brighton Learning House we offer individual sessions and programmes, group classes, courses and workshops. We are trained in HANDLE®, Feldenkrais and the Anat Baniel Method®: NeuroMovement®, each one a powerful, innovative and game-changing approach.

Our goal is no less than making a better world: we aim to improve people’s lives by unlocking the unlimited potential innate in us all. We value difference and diversity and believe that in order to unlock potential the uniqueness of the individual needs to be supported and set free. We are fiercely optimistic and leave no stone unturned in discovering what will help create more ease, more connection and more vitality in our individual lives, in our families and in our communities.

We’re glad you’re here! Explore our site to find out more and get in touch to talk with us about what you’re looking for.

Just fantastic- a complete and utter eye opener
— Annie Montague, Parent
Thank you for the opportunity to change my son’s life.
— HANDLE Level 1 and 2 Course Participant


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