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ARRIVING HOME (Embodied Empowerment Series #1)

  • Brighton Learning House 20 Northfield Way Brighton, England, BN1 8EH United Kingdom (map)

This weekend is for anyone who helps others and wants to do it more effectively, whether parents or professionals.

Helping others starts with ourselves.

Join us as we explore and enrich our abilities to come home to ourselves and learn how to empower learning in those around us. Arriving home to embodied learning will be explored in its various forms: how it applies to our well-being, our lives, and those we are helping. Discover how to infuse each learning opportunity with such potency that instead of having to teach something over and over, repetition is not even needed.

Workshop Themes:

Arriving- Settling in ourselves, filling our own glass first

Connecting- Focusing on how we connect with others

Quality touch- Maximising learning in therapeutic touch and activities

The magic of listening- Creating collaboration through listening

The science of self-regulation- Exploring how new discoveries relate to your life, now

Lost and found- Recognising when we have “lost it” and re-finding it

Seeing Freely- Practicing non-judgement as a way of life

When you know what you are doing then you can do what you want
— Moshe Feldenkrais
Find out who you are, and do it on purpose
— Dolly Parton

This experiential, participatory workshop will run 10.00-17.00 each day. There will be opportunities to practice and get comfortable with how these ideas work in yourself and with those you are helping. As well as being rich in learning the weekend will also be nourishing and enjoyable, and we’ll share a tasty and wholesome lunch together each day.

ARRIVING HOME will stand alone and will also be a requirement for taking part in the second weekend of the Embodied Empowerment Series: GOING PLACES. This optional follow-up weekend will go deeper into the practice and application of Embodied Empowerment and explore how to be more intentional in our actions while helping others so that we can inspire joyful learning and effective action.

Taught by Sean Williams, this work draws from his 35 years of studying, exploring, developing and teaching this subject to clients, parents and professionals. Drawing on his experience as a Senior HANDLE® Practitioner and Instructor, his Shiatsu practice and his Feldenkrais and NeuroMovement training Sean has brought forward key learning and practices that revolutionise the benefits of helping others. He offers them here for the first time in workshop format. Join us. Start a revolution in helping.

Open to anyone who has been involved with a HANDLE Program or done any level of HANDLE course, if this does not apply to you but you are interested in attending then please fill in the registration form without paying and we will contact you to discuss suitability.

The workshop costs £250 (£450 for two participants) including lunch, or £225 (£420 for two participants) if booked before 31st May 2019. We have a special client rate and concessions based on financial need, call us on 01273 558 545 or email sarah at if this applies to you. Participants of ARRIVING HOME will also be able to revisit the workshop in the future for a reduced cost.  

The venue is Brighton Learning House, 20 Northfield Way BN1 8EH. Places will be limited to 6 so register now!