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  • The Studio 39 Whippingham Road Brighton United Kingdom (map)

Do you sense that children have boundless potential, and yearn to find a way to unlock it?

Would you like new ways to help your child learn something they are struggling with?

Are you a parent or professional with a sense that whatever you are doing could be more effective?

This practical and enriching workshop is for you.

Children have limitless potential to learn. Daily life presents us with countless opportunities to connect with this potential and to enable life-changing learning. The brain is key in managing all the things we do, whether that is the ability to concentrate, follow directions, self-regulate stress and emotions or specific skills like speech, writing or academics.

This workshop will give you specific ways that you can wake up your child’s brain to new levels of learning, through the things that you are already doing! You will learn how to infuse each learning opportunity with such potency that you no longer have to teach things over and over. Join us as we learn how to transform the learning of those around us and have it be just like ARRIVING HOME.

Dive into 4 powerful ways to help your child reach their potential:

  1. The Value of Safety - Gain a deeper understanding of our biological response to stress and our innate need for safety, which influences every area of our lives. Exploring these recent discoveries from neuroscience about self-regulation will revolutionise how you see yourself and your interactions, give you greater understanding of the behaviour of your child and guide you in helping them to feel safer and less stressed.

  2. Present, connected and ready to learn - Learn simple yet powerful tools to become more calm and present in yourself and how to support that in your child. From this state your child can best realise their potential.

  3. Touch matters- Discover how your touch can help their brain wake up. Whether daily tasks (e.g. dressing, teeth brushing) or therapeutic interventions, our touch can be a powerful conduit for learning, or can switch off the learning process. Learn how to make touch work for you.

  4. Getting out of habitual reactions - Learn a simple yet profound tool to change our emotional reactions and transform what happens around us. Discover how we can be less reactive and more intentional in our interactions.

When you know what you are doing then you can do what you want
— Moshe Feldenkrais
Find out who you are, and do it on purpose
— Dolly Parton

This experiential, participatory workshop will run 10.00-17.00 each day. There will be opportunities to practice and get comfortable with how these ideas work in yourself and with those you are helping.

Some feedback from previous workshop participants:

This course was really useful. Completely invaluable.
— Zoe, parent and teacher
It was emotionally coherent and nurturing, with space and respect for us as individuals and our learning. I came out feeling we have the resources as long as we slow down and give more attention (and love) to what we are doing with our children.
— Mother and teacher
As a parent I would say it is a good way to be more conscious of your habits and less reactive. As a teacher it gave a really good holistic understanding of why children behave the way they do and how to support them rather than to see them as the problem.
— Parent and teacher
Doing this course gives you as a parent an opportunity to learn different theories and models and also some exercises that can help prepare yourself to become a more effective parent. It is a completely new territory with lots of new information to take in and think about. Doing this course can only bring you benefit to become a more self-aware, understanding and more effective parent. I can only highly recommend it.
— Aniko, parent of 22 month old child

The name ‘Arriving Home’ describes a process in which we become more present, calm and vital in ourselves. When we arrive into this state we feel more at ease and at home with ourselves. As this process is an ongoing activity with varying levels of presence, calm and vitality and no final or permanent destination, the analogy of a journey with the sense of coming and going encapsulates the intent of the weekend. Arriving Home is both a workshop exploring tools to be a more effective parent/professional, and an opportunity to experience, practice and deepen the state from which we can be our most effective.


Taught by Sean Williams, this work draws from his 35 years of studying, exploring, developing and teaching this subject to clients, parents and professionals. Drawing on his experience as a parent, Senior HANDLE® Practitioner and Instructor, his Feldenkrais and NeuroMovement training and his Shiatsu practice, Sean has brought forward key learning and practices that revolutionise the benefits of helping others. He offers them here for the first time in workshop format. Join us. Start a revolution in learning.

Open to anyone, the workshop costs £250 (£450 for two participants) including lunch, or £225 (£420 for two participants) if booked before 27th September 2019. We have a special client rate and concessions based on financial need, please ask! Call us on 01273 558 545 or email

The venue is The Studio, 39 Whippingham Road, Brighton, BN2 3PF

Places are limited so register now!

This is the first workshop in Sean’s new Embodied Empowerment series. The optional follow-up weekend GOING PLACES will go deeper into the practice and application of Embodied Empowerment and explore how to be more intentional in our actions while helping others so that we can inspire joyful learning and effective action.

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