What is HANDLE?

HANDLE® is a way to whole brain and body health.

Do you know somebody who is finding learning difficult, of any kind? Motor skills, speech and language, social, academic, even sleep! HANDLE helps the brain be more switched on and organised to learn.

Through a wealth of fun and practical activities and an enlightening perspective on how we can create change at a physical level, HANDLE enriches our understanding of the individual and helps us all access our potential more fully.

Starting with non-judgement and respect, HANDLE teaches how our behaviour and challenges show us where our neurological systems are struggling and the best ways to help. If you want to reach your life goals with more ease (or help somebody else reach theirs), then come to our free evening talk, or even better our HANDLE weekend, to explore and learn this fascinating and innovative approach.

During the weekend you will learn 11 core HANDLE Activities that you can do regularly, ranging from stimulating particular neural pathways to activities that on the surface might just look like a playground game. They are varied in style whilst all being short, easy to learn and adaptable to all ages and abilities. Parents/carers and children frequently express how they enjoy them and appreciate the connection they bring when doing them together. Equally doing them alone can offer an opportunity for some mindful self-care in the midst of a busy life.

Be prepared to be stimulated and have fun whilst learning concrete ways to maximise the brain’s capacity for learning. No experience is necessary, we welcome parents, professionals, and anyone interested for themselves.